The Typical “About” Page

I began my career as a Information Architect and naturally transitioned into the role of a Business Analyst over time. Despite the fact that my career is now about words (sometimes by the thousand in larger BRDs) I’ve never lost sight of the visual.

Recently  I landed a job at Merces-Benz USA (MBUSA) as a Senior Business Analyst. Before that, when I was interviewing, whenever somebody asks about my philosophy or career path I always bring up the same note and that is that I believe in the visual. If I hand you two documents about the same process- one containing a screen and a couple of supporting diagrams and the other a 30-page Word doc detailing the entire process you’ll understand more quickly and better with the images. That is the power of the visual and that is what UX/UI is all about.

Now, an answer to the most common question I hear: “Why ‘Red Paint Blog‘”?

A riddle: “What’s red and smells like blue paint?”

Ask most adults this and they’ll do mental contortions looking for the clever answer. Ask a kid and they’ll stare at you like you’re an idiot and then tell you the answer: “Red paint.”

When I first heard that joke it struck me as practically a zen riddle, perfectly defining the human condition.

We never look for the obvious, clean, simple solution to a problem. We over-think it and usually end up with an even bigger mess as a result. This is particularly true in the field of web design and usability.

This blog is meant to look at these cases and use them as an opportunity to preach the gospel of simplicity and clarity in design.